Report Date: 12/22/2013

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Marquis Court's Flying High In Style

Name:Marquis Court's Flying High In Style
AKC #:TS113008/03 03-14 Breed/Variety:Papillon
Birth Date:04/16/2012 Sex:Male
Colors/Markings:White Black & Tan
Breeder(s):Carolyn Hembree

Marquis Court's Flying High In Style
TS113008/03 03-14
White Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V706619
Lafford Davidson
TR902858/01 04-11 (United Kingdom)
White & Black Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V620018
GCH CH Lafford Fly Me Too Farleysbane
TS012975/01 02-12 (United Kingdom)
White Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V648268
Bodebi Ray Of Success To Lafford
KCR AE02353704
Glasafon Successor
IKC T 07348
Glasafon Mustard
IKC S 0011
Glasafon Gordon's Girl
IKC S 2797
Elvistime Lady Holly At Bodebi
KCR AD00348901
Gleniren Golden Icon
Kingshaven Patience Of Elvistime
KCR Y2652802Y03
Farleysbane Fly High
KCR AD03628206
Amicae Rudi Bare
Sunshoo Imapaddington Bear With Graycaz
KCR X5627201Y01
Kingshaven Quazy Rhythm
Lordsrake Whispering Dreams At Kingshaven
KCR V3594902V03
CH Lordsrake Top Notch
TN487399/01 04-01 (United Kingdom)
White Black & Tan
Lordsrake Rumbaba
KCR Q5404801Q04
Pinelan's Daydream Believer For Lafford
KCR AG04376401
Pinelan Follow A Dream
KCR AE01387202
(Not Available Online) (Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online) (Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Pinelan Moonlight 'N' Roses
KCR AD03572401
(Not Available Online) (Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online) (Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Marquis Court's Exclusive Gem
TR986401/01 09-11
Red White & Sable Black Markings
Laminero's Darius
TR830872/01 11-09 (Germany)
Red White & Sable
AKC DNA #V568339
Lindatorps Zackarias
SKK S19445/2004
Lindatorps Rafael
SKK S16926/2002
Lamonia's Botvid
SKK S43681/2000
Silenzio's Green Peace
SKK S31727/2000
Pepejas Chanty Chasmin
SKK S15246/2000
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Laminero's Arietta
VK 06.1158
SKK S32646/2005
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Neele Von Der Seseke
VK 05.0858
Emeraud Vom Schwabenhof
VK 98.0614 (Germany)
Vanessa Von Der Seseke
PPCD 1532/98
Magnolise' Neosha
TR743548/04 12-10
White Black & Tan
CH Golden Leafs Vision
TR611835/01 07-08 (Sweden)
White Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V467368
Golden Leafs Morgan
SKK S23435/2001
Honey-Pots Andy Of Unique
SKK S47694/98
Dobs Ayla
NKK N08260/98
Golden Leafs Pepsi
SKK S26812/2001
Siljans Disney
SKK S18429/97
Golden Leafs Indiana
SKK S24573/99
CH Zkarabi's Bon Soir
TR502658/01 07-07 (Sweden)
White Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V458370
Zkarabi's Diesel
SKK S58493/2000
Zkarabi's Las Vegas
SKK S14592/99
Zkarabi's Organza
SKK S36979/97
Zkarabi's Dream Weaver
SKK S52749/2004
Silenzio's Cliff Rickard
SKK S52431/2000
Zkarabi's Nike
SKK S30818/2002

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